Saturday, April 22, 2006

Episode 2 coming shortly!

We're pleased to announce that the second episode of ComixRadio will be online shortly. It will be 23 minutes long and contains a lot of drawings.

In the meantime here's an article by Alice Rawsthorn which describes what our vision for ComixRadio is, essentially.

Alongside the old-fashioned book, there will soon be a new contender as a visual icon of the future: the ambient imagery that will accompany the music on our video iPods. You can already watch pop videos on an iPod, and soon you will be able to download other types of visual material on to it too. Some of it will be informative, such as lyrics and biographies of the musicians. The most exciting will be the new sequences of images, mostly digital animations, created to reflect the spirit of the music and to enhance our experience of listening to it.


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